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Look out, Flava Flav: iPad as fashion statement


"Flava Flav just got outdone!" TUAW reader Paul Stamatiou told us, and I think he's right. It's one thing to wear a clock around your neck as a fashion statement, but walking around a mall wearing an iPad that's playing a music video? How do you top that? You just can't.

This guy (who turns out to be one of the members of Atlanta rap production duo UGLY) is clearly a fashion pioneer. Think about it: the iPad as a 21st century sandwich board. Forget nametags or "witty" t-shirt designs -- just strap an iPad to your chest and send out whatever message crosses your mind, whether it's advertising your business or, as in this case, your love of music.

It's brilliant, yet somehow terrifying at the same time. If you're going to go with this look, though, make sure you find a strap that can handle 1.5 pounds of weight... it'd be a shame for that $499 fashion accessory to wind up shattered at your feet.

If you want to emulate this fashion-forward look, but you're worried about straining your neck, I guess you can always start small with an iPod touch or iPhone before you start bulking up those neck muscles.

Thanks for sending this in, Paul.

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