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StarCraft 2 given 'Adults Only' rating in South Korea


According to a report by the Korea Times, Blizzard's upcoming StarCraft sequel has been given an Adults Only rating by the South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, effectively relegating the game to those 18 years old or older. Given the game's enormous popularity in the country -- and the previous "over-15" rating Blizzard received from the same board for SC2 earlier this year with an older build of the game -- the decision comes as a bit of a surprise. Apparently, the company was seeking an "over-12" in the country, and thusly resubmitted the most recent build of the game for rating. The ratings board says of the decision, "Considering that the RC version of the game is closer to what will be sold on the shelves compared to the beta versions, we looked more carefully at the content," allowing that, "this rating is not final, as Blizzard will get the chance to object to it."

For its part, Blizzard's South Korea reps told the paper that an immediate course of action has yet to be decided. "We have nothing to say at this point. We are discussing our official position on the matter as well as what would be the right reaction." We've reached out to Blizzard's US representatives and will update this post if we hear back.

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