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Apple has countersued Kodak


Apple filed suit against Kodak on April 15th, 2010, claiming that it has infringed on two of Apple's granted patents. This comes after Kodak filed suits against both Apple and RiM in January.

The suit targets Kodak's C, M and Z series EasyShare cameras as well as the popular Zi8. Apple claims that Kodak is guilty of copying technology relating to image processing, energy management and memory design. Additionally, Apple has listed a formal ITC complaint that would prevent sales of all affected cameras if the claim is validated.

This is a response to claims Kodak made in against Apple and RIM in January. Specifically, Kodak claims that Apple and RIM infringed upon Kodak's method of previewing images with the iPhone and Blackberry. An additional complaint, pointed at Apple only, addresses processing images at different resolutions. Finally, Apple is also accused of infringements on processes of software programs calling to each other.

This counter-suit strategy is common and usually an effort to produce a settlement and avoid a long and costly court battle.

[Via MacDailyNews]

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