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Around Azeroth: This is worgbomb


Modas of <Fights Like a Girl> on Blackwater Raiders writes, "Pets these days. They think that the entire world ... of Warcraft revolves around them. We spend hours farming them up, churning through mind-numbingly dull rep quests and saving up massive quantities of gold and even real money to make sure that the mini-pets of Azeroth have good homes. After all that hard work, one would think that these pets would be content to sit back and let us fighters of Azeroth have a little time in the spotlight once in a while. But alas. As evidenced by this picture, even when a shaman goes through a feat as time-consuming as earning a complete Dungeon 2 (tier 0.5) set and wants to pose for a celebratory screenshot, her spoiled worg puppy has to nose its way right back into the center of attention with a classic photo bomb. Sigh."

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