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FarmVille heading to iEverything, Android, and ... SMS?


Tired of only being able to give Zynga money in very small increments via your favorite social networking service, unable to do so while on the go? We are too. Thankfully, it appears the company will be expanding the reach of its real-time farm simulator FarmVille onto mobile phones sometime in the future, as Supererogatory spotted a handful of domain registrations for ",,, and" The domain names are registered to the same address as the owner of the currently in operation ... which is owned and operated by Zynga.

Just imagine the implications of that -- there you are, text messaging Suzie about that rapscallion Geoffrey, when suddenly you're possessed by the urge to give her a brand new swine for her virtual farm. If you had an SMS-based version of FarmVille, maybe you could quench that thirst for tiny virtual gift buying! When we asked Zynga about the domain registrations, we were told, "Zynga plans to expand to various mobile platforms, but unfortunately, we cannot provide additional information at this time."

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