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Mercury-News: Apple tops the Valley for valuation


With the total market value of AAPL at about US$220 billion, over the past year Apple has managed to de-throne Google as Silicon Valley's most valuable company. By comparison, the search and cellphone-centric Big G has a market capitalization of about $174B as of today's prices.

In a retrospective piece, the Silicon Valley Mercury News points out that Apple's market cap is up 107 percent from one year ago. There are only two companies in the United States with a market capitalization greater than Apple's: Exxon Mobil and Microsoft.

Earlier this month, Apple's market cap passed that of Wal-Mart; the margin was $2.84 billion as of April 2nd, 2010 and is about $18B today.

Needham & Co. analyst Charles Wolf notes Apple's success at riding out the USA's economic recession. "It's just mind-boggling. Thanks to the iPhone, it just sailed through the recession. It was just an incredible engine." For the latest on Apple's financial health, follow our live blog of its 2nd quarter analysts call, tomorrow at 2 pm PDT/5 pm EDT.

AAPL is down about 1.5% today at 1 pm.

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