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Renault saves the fake Sims 3 world with downloadable electric cars


Are you rife with guilt over the damage your Sims' extravagant lifestyles have done to their nonexistent environment? Now you'll be able to reduce your simulated carbon footprint and decrease your dependence on the imaginary world's dwindling supply of e-fossil fuels by driving an electric Renault Twizy Z.E Concept in-game.

The tie-up with Renault is part of the "Electric Vehicle Pack," a free Sims 3 download to be offered in EMEA countries, comprising the car and other environmentally conscious items like solar panels and windmills. Despite the fact that all cars are electric in the game (because they're inside your computer, which is electric), driving the tiny Renault and using the other items will noticeably improve your Sims' lives -- by reducing their weekly bills.

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