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Virtual Island Entertainment offers MMO for women

Eliot Lefebvre

As much as a goodly portion of the MMO market is perfectly happy blowing up spaceships, killing untold numbers of rats, punching criminals in socially-awkward spandex, and generally behaving like a twelve-year-old boy... suffice to say that a lot of people have zero interest in those settings. Virtual Island Entertainment from enVie Interactive is aimed specifically at that category of potential player. Specifically, they're aiming for women, trying to create a virtual world that they claim "caters to women looking for an engaging online game that speaks to them."

The game's feature list is focused more along the lines of social environments rather than gameplay; players can engage in "episodic content, unique shopping experiences, high fashion, art design, and intimate encounters, all in a tropical island setting." Comparisons between the game and the 200-pound gorilla of virtual worlds, Second Life, are all but inevitable, and there is a small mention that the game hopes to support a certain amount of user-created content. Scheduled for release in the second half of 2010, it remains to be seen what kind of following Virtual Island Entertainment will draw and how the target audience will respond.

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