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WebSaver turns web content into a screensaver, free promotion right now


Sandwich Lab sent along word of their app WebSaver, which allows you to create a custom screensaver out of any web content you want. Once you install the screensaver, you can then go into the options and add URLs (like your Twitter feed, a Facebook page, or anything really -- you can make the front page of TUAW pop up as your screensaver), and then choose durations for each of them to show, from just a few seconds up to much longer. And you can control the brightness of the webpages, as well as disable Javascript or Flash as you want. You can even add web-based content like Vimeo videos or a webcam feed. It's surprisingly powerful and very easy to use.

It's free for a limited time, too -- they've got a Twitter promotion going on, so if you RT their message, you can pick up a free copy to try. There's also a trial version to check out as well that limits you to just four different sources, but in the full version you can cycle through to as many as you want, and even calibrate the view so you can get it just right. If you're looking for a screensaver that's a little more functional for your Mac, WebSaver may be it.

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