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Dante's Inferno dev gives tips on how not to die in Trials of St. Lucia

The upcoming "Trials of St. Lucia" expansion for Dante's Inferno will put you up against a force far more malevolent than Beelzebub himself: The inherently mean spirit of the online gamer. Dante will have to conquer challenges crafted by other players, which will most assuredly be more difficult than any brawl that came packaged in the game. Why, you might ask? Because everyone on the internet wants you to be miserable.

Don't give up hope! Greg Rizzer, the game's lead designer, created the video posted above, which is chock-full of helpful tips to keep you from succumbing to this deluge of pain. (Oh, and we were just kidding about the 'everyone wants you to be miserable' thing. We, for one, only want to bring you joy.)

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