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iPad 3G: Available April 30 in the USA

Aron Trimble

Apple today announced retail availability of the iPad 3G -- which also features Wi-Fi, of course -- for Friday, April 30th at 5:00 pm. The Loop reports those who pre-ordered the 3G version of the iPad should start receiving shipments that day same day.

The iPad 3G includes a US$130 premium over the standard Wi-Fi-only iPad, but that provides the luxury of joining AT&T's data network on an at-will basis. Rather than being locked to a 2-year contract, iPad 3G can purchase a month of data at a time. Two plans are available: 250MB will run you $15 and the unlimited plan will set you back a cool $30.

While resident iMac-fiend Steve Sande didn't wait for the iPad 3G, I did and I'm excited to make another trek to the Apple Store next Friday. What about you, dear readers, anybody out there a little less green and a little more eager to go shopping?

[via The Loop]

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