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Left 4 Dead's 'The Passing' Achievements unveiled, spoilery

We've had to walk on eggshells to avoid spoiling the twists and turns of Left 4 Dead 2's imminent content expansion, "The Passing," due out this Thursday on PC and 360. This post is ... well, it's no different at all. Posted after the jump is the list of Achievements included in the DLC, a handful of which may ruin certain plot points you might want to avoid until you get your hands on the new chapter. You've been warned!


Torch Bearer
Survive The Passing Campaign.

Port of Scavenge
Play 5 full games of Scavenge on The Port.

Knock off the heads of 18 infected with the golf club.

Til It Goes Click
Using the M60, kill 25 infected without letting go of the trigger.

Killing Them Swiftly To This Song
Play the new Midnight Riders song on a jukebox.

Wedding Crasher
As the Charger, grab a Survivor and crash them through 8 chairs at the wedding.

Cache Grab
Open 5 foot lockers.

Kite Like a Man
Kill a tank only with damage from the original Survivors.

Grave Robber
Collect 10 items dropped by a Fallen Survivor.

Mutant Overlord
Play 6 Mutations.

Needless to say, there are a few unknown elements floating around in these descriptions. For instance, what's a foot locker? What's a "Mutation?" Are the Fallen Survivors zombified versions of your dead teammates? Who would have a wedding in the middle of a Zombocalypse?

We'll have to wait until tomorrow to get answers to these burning questions.

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