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Map editor coming to StarCraft 2 beta this week, Mac beta a few days later


Tired of all that free StarCraft 2 beta you've been playing lately? Blizzard's upcoming patch should help to stir you from your pit of doldrums, adding the "Galaxy Editor" (read: map editor) for beta users. According to a report at Shacknews, we could be seeing the release by as early as today and as late as this Friday. Three or four days after the patch's release, lead producer Chris Sagaty says, the Mac Beta client will become available.

Unlike in the retail release of SC2, beta users won't be able to upload their maps/scenarios to 2.0 for sharing with other users. However, maps created during the beta will presumably be sharable when the game arrives on PCs and Macs sometime in the first half of 2010.

[Via BigDownload]

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