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MMO Roundup: Star horses, extreme multi-boxing and more

Alex Ziebart

Sometimes you'd like to know that there are other MMOs out there, right? It's not all WoW, all the time! Our sister site Massively can provide you with everything you need to know about all of the other MMOs around: past, present and future.

Shut up people, come buy my horse
Anti-Aliased, Sera Brennan's weekly column about just about anything, tackles Blizzard's explosive (and controversial) Celesetial Pony sales. How does this compare to microtransactions from other games? How does this look from the point of view of someone who plays MMOs other than WoW?

Intimate apparel among Final Fantasy XIV equipment
When character creation previews started emerging for Final Fantasy XIV, one of the oft-heard bits of speculation was that there would be some way to customize your character's undergarments. Of course, the idea is on its face rather ridiculous. We shudder at the thought of farming a boss for underwear.
Turbine responds to community with removal of Offer Wall
A few days ago, Turbine announced a new way of earning Turbine Points. We'd heard hints of this new method back at PAX East, and several of us at Massively were curious to see how it would work out. Well, we have our answer. The launch of the DDO Offer Wall was met with a pretty heated response -- a large portion of the Dungeons and Dragons Online fanbase was extremely displeased, to say the least.

EVE Online player creates incredible multi-box setup
From irritating spam-bots to automated farming macros hogging the best spots, macros and bots are almost universally despised in every MMO. Multi-boxing, on the other hand, is a much more ambiguous idea that has been common since as far back as the early days of EverQuest. After a hit from the banhammer for "macro use," EVE Online player Zhek Kromtor engineered a low-tech solution to his rule-breaking problem..
Warhammer Online's 100% RvR city siege outlined in development notes
Since its inception, Warhammer Online's greatest strength and selling point has been its Realm vs. Realm (RvR) gameplay between the forces of Order and Destruction. With the upcoming 1.3.5 patch, RvR is poised to claim its rightful birthright with 100% RvR city sieges (in the past, city sieges have been a mix of RvR and PvE). Yesterday, Mythic posted a slew of "In Development" notes pertaining to 1.3.5, specifically outlining their plans for the new edition of city sieges.
Alganon reveals much of the overhauled launch experience
It's easy to get wrapped up in the war of words between the inimitable Derek Smart and the equally inimitable David Allen, but the whole reason behind that back-and-forth is a game. Much of the news coming out about Alganon has been both sides sniping at each other, but it looks like the development team has been hard at work revamping the game for an April 28th launch.

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