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New European Mio Navman line uses Tom Tom maps, fails to mention Wordy Rappinghood


If you're in Europe, and you like getting from one place to the next as much as we do, you'll undoubtedly be delighted to know that Mio is unveiling three new Navman GPS systems, all of which feature Tom Tom's IQ Routes technology as well as Mio's LearnMe feature. Navman 575 (£149.99, or around $230) offers a 4.7-inch display, while users of the 470 and 475 models ($150) will have to make do with a 4.3-inch screen. Also included in this bonanza of navigation are a free year of real time traffic and safety camera info, Google Send-To-GPS (for sending Maps locations to the unit via USB), SiRFStar InstantFix, and more. Look for these to launch in May.

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