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Report from the iPadDevCamp


I was just at the eBay/Paypal campus in San Jose last week for 360iDev, but I wasn't able to stay for the iPadDevCamp that went down there last weekend; it featured one of the first big gatherings of iPad developers. Fortunately, GigaOm's David Klein did stay, and he brings us a nice report of the goings-on there. He touches on a wide range of topics, from all of the fascinating apps being developed to fun live events like Rana Sobhany (one of the panelists at 360iDev) mixing the turntables with two iPads.

You can read through all of Klein's impressions on the apps that he saw, but I'll pick out a few that seem interesting to me. Audiotorium is a note-taking app that picks up audio while you write along (and it's on the App Store right now), Relay connects your iPad and your computer almost like magic, and there were a few apps that used the iPhone as a controller, including a three-iPad-and-one-iPhone slot machine (pull the iPhone and the three iPads "spin" symbols) and a game called Tank or Die that used the iPhone to control tanks on the iPad. It's good to hear that there's a lot of creativity coming out of the iPad dev community already. Hopefully we'll see some of these prototype apps in the store soon.

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