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WoW Moviewatch: The Fall of the Lich King by Onix


Tipster Citadel passed this video over to me, citing it as a pretty good raid machinima. That can be a tough field to evaluate, since different raid videos all obviously serve different purposes. Some are showing you strategies, others are displaying player skill, while still others are just kind of saying, "Hey, this is cool."

The Fall of the Lich King by Onix definitely seems to fall in the "this is cool" category. It's got a blend of different Icecrown Citadel fights, including a half-dozen or so voice-overs from the game files. If you're experienced with this raid already, you probably won't see much that excites you. However, if you've not done Icecrown Citadel to any real degree, Onix's video will do a decent job showing you what the place is like. For that reason alone, The Fall of the Lich King is a nice video to have on tap.

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