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Choose My Adventure: Week 3 recaps


Choose the adventures of the staff as we level our characters in <It came from the Blog> on US Zangarmarsh-H.

Our schedule for the rest of the week:
  • Elizabeth Harper as Faience, the troll shaman, and Robin Torres as Robinemia, the undead mage: Thursday, 11 p.m. to midnight EDT
  • Michael Gray as Grayfields, the tauren hunter, will be making appearances as he can this week.
  • Amy Schley as Patent, the troll rogue: Thursday, 10-11 p.m. EDT
  • Matthew Rossi as Andrenorton, his new troll mage: Saturday, 3-4 p.m. EDT
  • Adam Holisky as Adammentat, the tauren druid, will be making appearances as he can.
Recaps from Patent, Andrenorton, Grayfields and Robinemia are after the break.

Amy Schley as Patent, the troll rogue

Greetings from da Patent troll. Dis week's adventure ... well, dis week's adventure started out nice enough. A whole group of us went down to da goblin town of Ratchet to meet up, and we had a huge dance party in da inn. Dose brudda trolls really know how to dance mon! Afta' dat, we headed south and killed some pirates for da bossmon goblin as a great big mob. Lotsa fun!

Oy boy, doh, afta' dat, we had some big trouble mon. We decide dat being loyal membas of da Horde, we oughta go defend our sawmill in dis battleground. Me and da bossladies Faience and Robinemia try to do our part in defendin' our flag. Dis not work out too well, doh, wit' dis nasty gnome lock and evil druid constantly killin' me. Not fun mon! And den of course da battleground leader was all mad at us for not knowin' what ta do or how ta do it.

I gotsta admit, I never done dis stuff before mon. And I'm still not too good doin' my rogue voodoo. I don't come from a rogue fam'ly by de way. All my brodders and sistas eit'er kill t'ings from a long ways away or do deir fightin' wit' a great big sword and shield and wit' metal on. Me? All I gots is dese two little daggas and some animal skins between me and da spirit world. I been seein' da spirit world a lot.

Mon, I be gettin' down on my knees ta say dis. For da love of da Luas, for all da voodoo, for da love of Bwonsamdi himself, please don't make me do dis again! I be a good troll -- I will kill every hoofless zevhra in da Barrens, find da wife of poor Mankrik blindfolded, do ya' any embassage to da gnomes rat'er dan go into a battleground again!

Matthew Rossi as Andrenorton, the troll mage

I ran to Silvermoon. Once in Silvermoon, I assassinated night elves and dwarves for some blood elves, then turned two apprentices into monsters for their teacher and sold the bag he gave me. I then ran south, gathered party supplies for a madman, and fought a lot of Scourge so that I could verify for a blood elf mage that the Dead Scar is indeed infested with necromantic magic. You'd think they would already know this, but there you go.

I also spent a lot of time running around trees with angry forest lynxes very slowly chasing me. Frostbolt became my go-to spell because without it, things very quickly caught up to me and stabbed me right through my nice red dress. (Attached is a picture of my nice red dress, before it got lots and lots of assumed tears from lynx claws.) I then was tasked with wiping out some Wretched, but by then, I was fairly tired.

Being a mage is very odd. I'm hoping to run around trees less next week.

Michael Gray as Grayfields, the tauren hunter

I was going to write this in character. But, as the votes decided I would PvP tonight, I hit Warsong Gulch with a fury hereto unseen. How'd I do? 100+ honorable kills, Warsong Perfection, Grim Reaper, Not In My House and a few others. The experience of Warsong Gulch on a hunter -- even one relatively low level -- is like poetry in motion. Sure, sure, I had the same angst everyone else did (damn shaman!), but I got lucky and the teams I played with worked together, was helpful, and all was well.

Robin Torres as Robinemia, the undead mage

Death and orange. Orange and death. Going to Warsong Gulch at the earliest possible time in one's development is not something I encourage any mage to do. I imagine that healers do much better, because at least they can heal the flag carrier, but my Frostbolts were ineffective on the more experienced Alliance that were my opponents. I attempted to protect the flag with Patent and Faeince, and I died. When back in the Barrens, there was more orange, but less death. And pirates! We slaughtered pirates for the goblins in Ratchet. We also slaughtered cats for their claws and raptors for their heads.

The Ratchet goblins sent us to fight a group of people called The Venture Company. I need clarification as to why The Venture Company is bad, but the Steamwheedle Cartel is good. They seem to do much of the same things. I do tend to have issues with this bad/good distinction in general, however, since I am technically not alive. It is hard to value life when I no longer have it. Regardless, Faience and I took care of some bad goblins, ogres and their colleagues, as the good goblins requested.

More polls will go up on Friday. In the meantime, we have more pictures, some which have been taken from our fellow <It came from the Blog> guildies:

Gallery: Choose My Adventure | 114 Photos

If you want to join in on the fun of Choose My Adventure, please join us on US Zangarmarsh-H in <It came from the Blog>. Ask Robiness, Robinemia or any member online for an invite. Guild ranks of Lurker or above have the ability to invite. You are all welcome as long as you play by our simple rules, that can be summed up with "Don't be a Funsucker!" Also, please see the guild FAQ for the most common questions.

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