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Intel's 2011 CPUs require new motherboards, start saving those pennies now?

Sean Hollister

Hoping Intel's 32nm Sandy Bridge CPUs will unify your computing world next year? Bit-tech reports they may also drain your pocketbook. Anonymous sources told the site that Intel's spiffy new CPU / GPU / memory controller integrations will use two new sockets, LGA-1155 and LGA-2011; if true, you'll need to buy a new motherboard to match. Aside from packaging the aforementioned GPU and memory controller on the same die, LGA-1155 rumors don't hold any surprises thus far, but the enthusiast-grade LGA-2011 chips will supposedly sport a quad-channel DDR3 memory controller (like Nehalem EX) and the long-awaited PCI Express 3.0 for 32 lanes of graphics-gobbling bandwidth. We also hear new southbridges will have native SATA 6G. Honestly, these rumors are so tame as to be entirely credible. Let's dream up something ridiculous, like Intel actually supporting USB 3.0.

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