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Netflix's Q1 results show record subscriber growth, little resistance to new release delays


Another quarter, another 1,699,000 more Netflix subscribers. The company's Q1 results also showed a jump in the percentage of subscribers using Watch Instantly streaming, now up to 55 percent. The Q&A session that followed provided a few other interesting details, including that company is considering introducing a "family plan" to account for more streaming devices, along with simultaneous access at home and on mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone. As far as how 28 day delays on new releases are affecting its business, execs pointed simply to the low churn rate of subscribers (we're not surprised) as evidence that the tradeoffs were a net benefit. As far as competition for its services, they're focused on the VOD offerings from satellite / cable companies, but apparently not worried by the prospect of a streaming-only service from Redbox undercutting the cheapest all you can eat Netflix plans. All in all, this adds up to possibly the best quarter we've seen from the red envelope people, but feel free to dig through all the numbers beyond the read link.

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