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'Project K' is a Yakuza spinoff for PSP


The mysterious Yakuza-related "Project K" isn't just another sequel after all. In an article in the latest Famitsu, summarized by Andriasang, director Toshihiro Nagoshi revealed it to be spinoff for PSP, taking place in the game's customary "Kamurocho" location but not starring series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu.

In fact, the hero of this spinoff isn't a gangster at all, but an 18-year-old "delinquent" named Tatsuya Ukyou. The new perspective is indicative of Nagoshi's interest in reaching younger audiences with this game, to deliver a message encouraging kids to be more aggressive (which, we're sure, is more about being assertive than being violent). The gameplay will also be presented differently, with a "more in-your-face feel" to the combat and gameplay elements that Nagoshi thinks are expected of handheld games. Does that mean it's going to be Yakuza Monster Hunter, with groups of four teenagers taking down giant loan sharks?

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