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PS3 Final Fight: Double Impact requires PSN connection


Final Fight: Double Impact may be a collection of retro games, but some owners of the PS3 version have discovered that it is, at heart, a little too modern. The game will not run unless the user is signed into an online PSN account. If you try to load up Double Impact while not signed in, you'll just get a curt "Sign into PlayStation Network. (80029516)" message on the screen. (The Xbox 360 version launches without issue, even when not signed into Xbox Live.)

While it may not be a big deal to most of us who are signed into PSN whenever we use our PS3s, it does make us wonder why Capcom or Sony don't allow people to play the game, even in single-player or local multiplayer, without an internet connection. We've contacted both parties about the issue. Anyone else appreciating the irony of having to be connected to the internet to play games made before most of us knew what an internet was?

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