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The Daily Grind: What project would you like to see your favorite studio tackle next?


Speculation and wishful thinking inevitably collide at the junction of studios and future MMOs. When we become rabid fans of a particular MMO studio we want them to succeed -- and not only with current games, but by expanding their portfolio into other titles as well. This is apparent when we eagerly grasp at even the barest hint of a rumor of a new studio MMO, as we've seen with NCSoft (City of Heroes 2?), Cryptic (Neverwinter Nights?), Blizzard (Call of Duty MMO?) and Turbine (console MMO?).

So pushing rumors aside to engage in the ultimate wish fulfillment, if you could select a project for your favorite MMO studio to take on, what would it be? Would you want to see them snag a popular IP that's remained untouched in online space up to this point? Would you like to see them expand into other markets than PC, such as mobile or console games? Would the studio be wise to greenlight a project that is radically different in both scope and business model than anything they've done before? If wishes were magical sparkle ponies, what project would you like to see your favorite studio tackle?

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