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WAR Executive Producer pens apology for account errors

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the last two weeks, you've undoubtedly heard the gnashing of teeth that erupted due to Warhammer Online's recent billing issues. Today, Mythic Entertainment's Studio Executive Producer, Jeff Hickman, sat down and wrote a very honest apology letter regarding the recent issues, including the steps they've taken to correct them.

Caused by a now-solved system issue, the Warhammer Online billing error caused multiple charges to show up on the statements of many subscribers (and previous subscribers). The fixes were rolled out on April 13th, and they believe they have now resolved all outstanding issues with banks and credit issuers that may have occurred. While most banks did remove any fees that had been incurred due to the incorrect billing, Hickman notes that EA has agreed to pay all charges for any others whose banking institutions are refusing to remove fees due to their error.

Also, as a way to apologize to players, and in an attempt to earn back some good will from their player base, Mythic is offering players a bonus of 100% experience and renown when fighting enemies and monsters for the next two weeks. They're also adding in a vendor who will carry an assortment of special items for players -- from mounts and disguises onwards. Each player will be mailed two tokens, and will be allowed to choose what they like best from the available goodies. Coupled with their new systems to ensure this never occurs again, Mythic certainly is working hard to make sure their community is happy. How this will all play out among their numbers we'll have to wait and see.

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