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WoW Moviewatch: AttentionWhore


Work Warning: Lots of scantily dressed WoW character models here. If you're in a workplace where a Draenei in her skimpies might be looked askance at, check it out at home instead.

AttentionWhore is the new machinima by RavenSylphe to feature EmberIsolte's song by the same name. This is the second video created this way, since RavenSylphe has given similar treatment to Shut Up and Grind. The song was written and performed by EmberIsolte while the graphics are all the work of RavenSylphe, of course.

This video certainly has a lot of eye candy. RavenSylphe did an amazing job with the video, and it couples very well with EmberIsolte's tunes. AttentionWhore is a welcome departure from belf rap in music videos, since it seems most musical acts tend to prefer the Horde. I will say that the lyrics were kind of tough to make out, though, which was somewhat a distraction from my overall enjoyment of the piece.

Still, EmberIsolte and RavenSylphe are a whole lot of fun, and I love seeing new stuff from them.

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