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Apple updates iPad guided tour videos


Apple's guided tour videos explain a device's marquee features. Apple released a set for the iPad last month, and this week it's added two more: Maps and the App Store.

In the Maps clip, a user is in the now familiar "lap up" pose as she uses Maps to explore Paris. I must admit that the Google maps app looks fantastic on the iPad, though I doubt I'd walk around with it out as I've done with my iPhone.

The App Store video starts with users playing Plants Vs. Zombies (get your feet off that table!) and a few others before demonstrating to how to find, download and use the app of your choice, as well as store features like categories, features, etc.

The info in these clips won't enlighten most of us, but do send them to the novice Apple customers among your family and friends if they still need a little convincing on an iPad purchase.

[Via MacNN]

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