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Darkfall reveals details on new mounts

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Darkfall fans received some pretty good news today: Aventurine is planning to add new mounts to the game. The forum announcement was met with an almost universally positive response from fans, and they were even happier with a sneak peek at one of the upcoming mounts.

The new mounts are in varying stages "in the works both on paper and in development", but Aventurine gave fans a look at the first to arrive in Darkfall, the Tribeland Bear. The Blue Tail Runner is also on the way, and while its appearance will remain a secret for now, we have a few more details: "This agile mount will be the first of a new generation of mounts. It will be faster than the normal mounts but with less hitpoints."

The new mounts will be part of a more specialized collection, with a wide range of abilities that give them certain strengths in different situations. Check out the Darkfall forums for all the discussion on this addition to the game!

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