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Dead Rising's Frank West passively in Left 4 Dead 2's 'The Passing' [update]

Left 4 Dead's eerie atmosphere was made exponentially more engrossing by the warnings scrawled on the walls of each safe house by other survivors. Left 4 Dead 2's downloadable chapter "The Passing," released earlier today, features the above note, apparently written by another down-on-his-luck Zombocalypse veteran. Located by the sharp-eyed bloggers of Destroyed Controller, It reads: "Otis, Out of film, no helicopter. Zombies are too fast. Not going to make it. - Frank West."

It's a real shame that West's had to suffer such misfortune. We doubt he'd be in such an unfavorable position if he possessed the ingenuity of his spiritual successor.

Update: We snapped some pics of our own, like the one above. Head past the break for a few more.

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