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More free DLC coming to PS3's MAG

Jef Reahard

Zipper Interactive is treating the fans right by offering up another free downloadable content add-on for MAG, their multiplayer-only FPS for the Playstation 3. The latest round of DLC drops on April 29 and is known as the Fast Attack Gear Pack.

Jeremy Dunham, Senior Community Manager at Zipper, brings word of the freebie on the official MAG blog. "Our latest downloadable extra will likely cause marksmen to swoon," he writes.

The Fast Attack Gear Pack will feature three new special edition sniper rifles, each of which will incorporate both visual and performance variations when compared to the game's existing long-range weaponry. New armor types are also included, and Improved Light Armor will be available to all three factions for 400 in-game credits.

Check out the official MAG blog for all the details.

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