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Nokia E72 'White Edition' pops up in Singapore -- in white, obviously

Chris Ziegler

Look, we've got nothing against the E72 in Amethyst, Zodium Black, Metal Grey, or Topaz Brown -- but we also know that choice is almost always a good thing, which is why it brings us such great joy to learn that there's an official white version floating around. It's not mentioned on Nokia's main site, but a quick visit to a Singapore-based contest that seems to have official Nokia ties clearly touts a white E72 and throws in an accessorized picture of it for good measure. It's said to be bundled as a special "White Edition" with a BH-216 Bluetooth headset and WH-205 wired headset and will retail for $327 when it launches "worldwide" later this month, so we'll be standing by for more announcements in sundry locales.

[Thanks, Clinton]

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