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Sengoku Basara anime available for online streaming


Wondering what all this Sengoku Basara stuff is about? We've certainly heard questions to the effect of "Sengoku Ba-whatnow?" a few times since the TGS announcement of the of the Wii/PS3 brawler.

Funimation is licensing the popular anime show that ties into the game, and has posted the first two episodes online for free. If your curious, let that act as your introduction to the fictionalized version of Japan's Warring States period and its youthful, attractive reinterpretations of the country's most famous warlords.

You don't really need much background, historical or pseudo-historical, to play the game, but it might be nice to know who these dudes are, and who those other dudes are who are being killed by said dudes.

[Via Destructoid]

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