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Telltale Games does 40% of its business on consoles


In a new interview with, Telltale's Dan Connors gives away some stats that show why his company's expansion to consoles is important : Already, 40 percent of Telltale's sales are to console owners.

Connors says that's because it's easier for Telltale to rise above the crowd in the downloadable space: "They have big audiences there," he says, "and they're all used to spending money on games. Compare that to online, where it gets noisy," and Telltale bumps into all of the other PC titles vying for downloads and sales in the browser.

Connors also says that digital distribution allows his company to adjust their development to the final price. He's happy with what they've done so far, and says we can expect more experimentation in the future: "You can have a different ecosystem to stay profitable, play with price points more, and that's what you're going to continue to see."

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