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This week on the MMO Report

Eliot Lefebvre

Once again, Thursday has come, with Friday just around the corner. (We'll not discuss the two weeks in April of 1995 where Friday slept in until Sunday morning.) That means it's time for another MMO Report, and, like always, it highlights some of the latest and greatest news in the MMO world. Which, of course, means that this week it has to talk about the sparklepony.

That's not the only piece of news on the deck this week, of course. There's talk about the inimitable World of Tanks, followed shortly thereafter by discussion about Virtual Island Entertainment at the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Lord of Ultima's release on Tuesday and rumors of BioShock being made into an MMO fill out the report. Well, and a dive inside Casey's mailbag, which is everything you've come to expect from it. That may not be a good thing.

Take a look after the break for the video, and keep your eyes here for another installment of the MMO Report every Thursday from G4TV and Massively.

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