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Tony Hawk: Shred confirmed by Activision

Justin McElroy

Thanks to a since-deleted Tweet from the skateboarding mogul himself, the name Tony Hawk: Shred has been making the rounds as the rumored title for the next game in the venerable skating series. Now, Activision's made it official, telling us, "We can confirm we've given a name to the next Tony Hawk game – Tony Hawk: SHRED, and more details will be revealed in the coming months."

What we don't know is if TH:S is the peripheral-based follow-up to last year's Tony Hawk: Ride that Activision threatened promised in February. It seems like a natural evolution, right? "Hey Steve, you seem to be riding that skateboard pretty well, but aren't you ready to do more than ride? Would you, perhaps, be prepared to shred?"

(Also, as our own Ludwig Kietzmann points out, Tony Hawk: Shrek would probably make a lot more money.)

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