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V-Screen to bring depth to DSi XL


So, you bought yourself a DSi XL and thought to yourself, "You know, this thing is still too portable. And the screen, it lacks so much depth." Thankfully, the fine folks at RealView Innovations have heard your plea and announced plans to bring the V-Screen to Nintendo's not-so-diminutive handheld.

In case you missed the V-Screen for PSP, here's the breakdown: It attaches to your handheld, adds considerable bulk and kinda, sorta makes the screen look 3D ... a little bit. Don't take our word for it though, you can see for yourself in our extensive video impressions here.

We're usually a pretty jaded bunch here at Joystiq, but bringing 3D effects to the DS actually seems like a great idea. It's a wonder that no one thought of it before.

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