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WoW Moviewatch: Toilet Trees


Toilet Trees was Bridin's submission to Baron Soosdon's StarCraft 2 beta key contest. It's a short movie since it only clocks in around the one minute mark. This movie has a few things near and dear to my heart. First, it's got that old Boy Scout pun we all found so amusing in middle school: grab a leaf, it's a toilet tree!

Secondly, and pardon me if I descend into sophomoric humor for a moment, I find the idea of an Alliance soldier trying to "do his duty" while a battle rages on around him to be absolutely hilarious. Here's the Stormwind foot soldiers desperately fighting off the scourge of Elwynn known as Hogger, and this guy is trying to relieve himself. (And things don't seem to be going smoothly.) It's a juxtaposition that brings a giggle to my red-blooded male sense of humor.

That being said, Bridin's graphics are pretty good. I'm interested to see what he does next, especially if he steps up the story line a bit. All around, Toilet Trees is going to be a fun video to watch while running back from a raid wipe. (Pun intended.)

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