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Black Prophecy team talks business model, F2P

Jef Reahard

Reakktor Media's Black Prophecy science fiction MMORPG has been generating a fair amount of fan discussion, and dare we say concern, since announcing a free-to-play business model and a partnership with gamigo last month.

In the fourth edition of Reakktor's 'Behind the Scenes' web series on the game, Black Prophecy's Assistant Product Manager Christian 'SnowCrash' Schutt engages gamigo's Patrick Streppel and Reakktor CEO Kirk Lenke in a question and answer session that features community concerns drawn from the official forums.

The session delves deep into explanations of the game's business model and also features answers to burning questions regarding a Collector's Edition and post-launch content. "Neglecting to update is the nail in the coffin for any MMOG. We all know that. We've already laid out a roadmap for content patches and add-ons and are starting on its development so players won't have to wait too long for new material," said Lenke.

Check out the full session at the official site.

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