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DJ Shadow says he's a DJ Hero 2 DJ, too

Anyone that invested in last year's mix-master sim, DJ Hero, is already familiar with DJ Shadow. Not only did he provide some of the game's freshest cuts, he was featured as a playable character. With creepy glowing eyes. And a hood. And a hat, which we found to be a tad redundant.

In a recent interview with Radio One, Mr. Shadow commented on his work on DJ Hero, saying, "It was interesting, I'm actually working on the next one as well. But yeah, it was a trip." That's the second artist to confirm his contributions to the follow-up, which is schedueld for release later this year. Activision has still to name the sequel and provide any official list of mixers. May we suggest you get some DJ Tanner in the house?

[Via VG247]

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