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Google Maps Navigation could come to iPhone, other platforms soon

Darren Murph

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Ooh, goodie! Try as we may, we've yet to really find a (good) free alternative to Google Maps Navigation on the iPhone, and while Navigon's MobileNavigator gets our highest recommendations in the paid GPS department, Google's own turn-by-turn option is just about enough to make any iPhone-toting traveler jump ship and snag an Android handset. Thankfully for us all, it seems as if this predicament won't be nearly as trying in the near future, with the company's own Steve Lee confirming to TechRadar that Google Maps Navigation would be coming to "other platforms" in due time. MacUser specifically mentions the solution coming to iPhone OS, and frankly, we couldn't think of a better app to ship alongside version 4.0 than this. You're good at taking hints, right Goog?

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