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iDevices making up more and more of Apple's revenue


Apple held their latest earnings call this past week, which means we're right in the middle of a flood of analysts' charts and graphs about how well they're doing. This one's extra interesting, though -- we've talked before on this site about Apple's interesting position between its past of PCs and OS X and its apparent future as the "largest mobile device company in the world," but here it is, in bright colorful stripes put together by Silicon Alley Insider: the iPhone, the iPod, and iTunes make up the majority of this company's business, and have for quite a while. This chart only goes back to June of 2007, but notice how the whole thing trends upwards -- at some point here that I'd imagine is sooner than you might think, we'll reach a spot where the iPhone and various Apple iProducts will have made more money than the Mac ever did.

Not that Apple is abandoning the Mac at all, and neither are we -- we're still an unofficial Apple weblog, and we're still committed to covering the whole company. But I even noticed this back at Macworld earlier this year -- there's definitely two factions in the Apple audience, one that hearkens back to the old school pre-OS X Mac identity, and another that can't get enough of the iPhone and the iPad (which, you'll notice, is still missing from the chart above) and apps and so on. As time goes on, that iFaction is growing bigger and bigger, both inside of Apple and out.

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