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Rare NES game 'Ufouria' rated by OFLC, Virtual Console release possible


Sunsoft has started to revitalize its brand with the help of Gaijinworks' Victor Ireland. The strategy includes re-releases of classic games on Nintendo's Virtual Console, including Blaster Master, and the creation of original content -- also Blaster Master, actually. If a new rating by the Australian OFLC board is any indication, Sunsoft is planning a Virtual Console release of Ufouria: The Saga, a rare NES game that never made it to North America.

Ufouria is a Metroidvania-style NES game starring Bop-Louie, who falls into a crater and is separated from this friends. Bop-Louie then explores the world in search of his lost companions, with his friends becoming playable once they are located. The game was released in Europe with an English translation, so if it does become a Virtual Console import, we'd even be able to read the text!

[Via Aussie-Nintendo]

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