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The Daily Grind: Which class is your arch-nemesis?


Admit it: even the nicest amongst us have a deep-rooted grudge against a particular class. Our foe. Our bane. Our arch-nemesis. It's the class we squint at in anger whenever we see them pop up on the battlefield or in our PUGs. It's the class that gives us physical hives whenever we come into close contact with one of their members. It's the class that we gladly devote a nine-page rant against on the official game forums, calling for their extermination, or at the very least, to be neutered.

So what's your arch-nemesis class? Is it a class that repeatedly stamps all over your face in PvP? A class that is -- obviously -- so OP that you can't stand it? Perhaps it's a class that does whatever your class does, but better and with more flair. Maybe your arch-nemesis class seems to attract more mentally unstable and emotionally immature players than usual. So get it off your chest today -- which class is your arch-nemesis?

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