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Breakfast Topic: Great big pointy teefs

Matthew Rossi

Since I've started doing the Netherwing daily quests, I've discovered a secret. Something that is true about myself, but which I had no idea was true.

I want to play a Fel Orc. Because they are freaking insanely monstrous looking.

Just take a gander at how evil they look. Look at that maw of gigantic, hideous fangs. He looks like he could rip someone's neck open with one bite. I admit, I'm somewhat susceptible to becoming enamored with these kinds of alternate models ... Back in the days when Tempest Keep was a going concern in raiding, I used to love to disguise myself as a Broken using the Ruse of the Ashtongue. If I could convert my tauren over to a Taunka, I'd probably do it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad we're getting worgen and goblins in Cataclysm, and I do think that will be a good amount of racial diversity for each faction. But sometimes I really want them to blow the doors off on customization options.

High elves!

Fel orcs!

Broken draenei!


Dark Irons!

Let's get nuts! (For that matter, I kind of like the more feral looking Northrend worgen model over the ones we've seen so far in screenshots.) What about you? Would you rather play as an Amani troll? Fill out our poll and discuss in the comments.


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