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Peripheral Vision: X Scorch 360 split mouse controller

Justin McElroy

Peripheral Vision is the name of our ongoing sporadic journey into the wonderful, oft-terrifying world of third-party peripherals. Think of it as neither preview or review but rather a ... meditation on the curious object in question. Enjoy.

After a lifetime of being disappointed by third-party peripherals, I've not come to expect much. Let's just say I've been hurt so many times that I'm thrilled when a controller doesn't feel like it was made out of old cardboard or has all the right buttons.

That is, I can imagine just how to write the perfect intro to a review about a great third-party controller, but I don't want to mislead: The video above isn't an endorsement. The frustrating thing about the X Scorch from Bannco is how close the odd split-controller and mouse combo comes to being really great. As you'll see in the video, though, the controller, compatible with Xbox 360 and PC, is all but impossible to recommend at $79.99.

Update: A Bannco representative sent along some follow-up information. Lest you think I ignored it completely, I should mention that there's no real manual included with the product, so I had no idea about the customization options. Hopefully, this would make for a better experience: "There is a button config software available that allows the user to remap the controller, set rapid fire rates and adjust button sensitivity. If you did want to use this program you would have to install the driver first.

"Also, to speed the mouse up or slow it down: press and hold the mouse F button and while holding the F button, roll the mouse wheel forward to speed the mouse up and back to slow it down. While adjusting the mouse you will notice the game start to roll to the right. If you adjust the mouse so the game just stops to roll -- that is what the gamers call F0. Rolling the wheel forward by 2 wheel clicks is F2 and will be the most smooth for the game. Each game may vary. On the PC you can also increase the CPI with the F and wheel as well."

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