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Voices that Matter iPhone: App Store prices


Here's just a quick shot from Jeffrey Hughes' lunchtime presentation on marketing iPhone apps here at this weekend's Voices that Matter iPhone developers' conference here in Seattle. Because the presentation ran a little long, he had to hurry through his planned section on pricing, but he did share these interesting figures, culled from The average non-game app price in the iPhone store right now is actually over US$3. But the average game price, $1.39 (driven way down by the many 99 cent games available) actually brings the overall app price down another 20 cents or so, putting the total at just $2.79.

That might seem low (especially if you're an app developer who has worked a lot on what you think is a quality app). But given all the 99 cent and free apps out there, it actually seems somewhat higher than I expected. And apparently this includes iPad apps, too, many of which have settled down at $9.99. Interesting stat to see.

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