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Craigsphone 2.0 brings maps, images, and more


Next Mobile Web sent us a heads up that they're set to release version 2.0 of Craigsphone, an app for the iPhone that allows you to browse popular online classifieds site Craigslist quickly and easily. We talked about the app when it first came out, but apparently version 2.0 brings a whole rewrite and a few new features as well. As you can see in the video above, you can now chart a map of your search results (only in the housing categories), see an image preview while browsing, and make more use of Craigslist's account features, including browsing their forums and the official blog. Craigsphone was already the best way to browse Craigslist on the iPhone, and these updates definitely cement that status.

I am a little bummed to see that one of the coolest features of the app, called "Nearby Events," is still only available in San Francisco and Manhattan. That pulls up a map of things going on near you, obviously, and considering that you can map real estate from anywhere, it'd be nice to see that finally spread to more markets. But that's above and beyond Craigslist's own functionality, so if you just want a great way to check out the site on your iPhone, Craigsphone will do it for you for free. We're told the new app should be on the store today, and the iPad version is was released right after launch.

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