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Sly Cooper makes glorious return ... in ModNation Racers


Sorry if we got your hopes up, but we couldn't help but highlight Sucker Punch's recent addition to the ModNation Racers universe. Using the character creator, the team was able to whip up a Mod recreation of its PS2 mascot, Sly Cooper. While he may not be thieving on PS3 quite yet, we're glad to see Sucker Punch hasn't completely forgotten about the anthropomorphic, rascally raccoon.

Of course, Sucker Punch couldn't forget to also pay homage to its PS3 hit, inFamous. A new "Artist's Spotlight" video for ModNation features a Mod version of Cole MacGrath and his lightning-themed kart. However, more impressive is Sucker Punch's track creation inspired by Empire City, complete with blast crater. With play-testing and careful attention to detail, this addition could undoubtedly be one of the most polished tracks you'll be able to play in the ModNation online community.

Check out the video after the break.

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