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The Daily Grind: Will you play Rise of the Godslayer?

Jef Reahard

It's a time honored tradition with MMORPGs. First, you get all excited when a game based on your favorite franchise, or a game that just sounds really appealing, is announced. You sign up on the forums, you apply to beta test, and you're generally riding a wave of optimism and feel-good anticipation right on through release.

Then reality sets in, maybe the game isn't all you hoped it would be, or the launch was extremely buggy, or real life just got in the way. So you hang up the greatsword, stow the spellbooks, and quest on for the ever elusive greener pastures expansion! Omg, maybe this will fix the game! Maybe it will be fun! Maybe there's just nothing else out there even remotely entertaining so I'm totally reaching in attempt to find a game I enjoy! Er, yeah, maybe that last bit is only for jaded old-timers like me.

Whatever your reasons, now that Rise of the Godslayer has been announced and dated, will any of you Hyborian ex-patriots be returning to see what all the fuss is about?

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