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TLBB launches European open beta

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Tian Long Ba Bu, the free-to-play martial arts MMO from ChangYou, has been a favorite MMO in Asia for quite a while. Now they're hoping to expand that success a bit by offering the game in Europe as well.

TLBB recently went into open beta for European players, and there are some great incentives for anyone who is thinking about giving it a try. "Kung Fu Journey" is an ongoing open beta contest in which players can win in-game prizes such as mounts or extra storage, and compete to win the grand prize: a trip to China.

ChangYou has high hopes for the success of the game in Europe, and while the April contests are wrapping up, you still have plenty of time to participate. It's important to note that China and the United States have their own versions of the game and that this particular beta -- and the contests -- is for Europe only. Visit the site to sign up, and enjoy!

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