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Versace's first phone gets FCC approval, is actually the LG GD970?

Chris Ziegler

So check this out: remember how fashion house Versace announced a few months back that it had teamed up with France's ModeLabs to put together its own designer handset? Well, we're pretty sure we've spotted it in the FCC's files today as the "VER-01" -- there's no trace of Versace branding in what few documents aren't under confidentiality at this point, but the model code combined with the fact that this is a ModeLabs filing is enough to connect the dots. Here's where it gets interesting, though: digging through the documents a bit reveals that the VER-01 is actually another name for the LG GD970 -- and if you check out LG's user agent profile for the unannounced device, you discover that it's a feature phone (that is, not an Android, Symbian, or WinMo device) rocking a comfortable 800 x 480 display. It's interesting that ModeLabs would subcontract the phone like this, but maybe Versace was requesting some high-end, tech-savvy stuff that the company wasn't able to deliver without pulling a giant like LG into the mix. Regardless of what's going on here, though, it's never too early to start saving those pennies. Millions upon millions of pennies.

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